On August 11, an unknown attacker who hacked the Chinese Poly Network firewall protocol the day before announced his intention to return $611 million stolen as a result of the attack. This is reported by CoinDesk.

The hacker embedded the statement in an Ethereum transaction, which he sent to himself around 07:00 Moscow time. In another message, he wrote that he could not contact Poly Network and asked for a multi-signature wallet address to return the funds.

Representatives of the project created three wallets at the request of the organizer of the attack.

The hacker added that he had already become a “legend” after carrying out the largest hack in the history of DeFi and the industry as a whole.

Poly Network approved the analysis of cybersecurity experts from SlowMist, who called the reason for the hack an exploit in the protocol’s cross-chain functions. The Chinese company BlockSec suggested that the attack occurred as a result of a private key leak.

Blockchain consultant Maya Zehavi pointed out the unexplored Chinese sector of decentralized finance.