The organizer of the attack on the Chinese Poly Network firewall protocol reimbursed all $85 million stolen from the Polygon network.

Previously, he had already returned all $253 million from the Binance Smart Chain.

Later, the hacker began transferring funds from the Ethereum blockchain. The Poly Network wallet has already received over $4.5 million in various tokens.

At the time of writing, the remaining part of the stolen cryptocurrency worth $268 million is on the attacker’s Ethereum wallet: 28,954 ETH, 96,942,062 DAI, 1032 WBTC and 33,431,234 USDT.

Recall that on August 10, the Poly Network inter-network protocol was attacked on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon blockchains. The cumulative damage amounted to $611 million in various cryptocurrencies. Some of the stolen funds, for example in USDT, were blocked.

On August 11, the hacker announced his intention to return the funds.

The project team has created three wallets for this purpose. Experts have suggested that one of the reasons for the refund was that the hacker lit up personal data.

Earlier, developer Kelvin Fichter analyzed in detail the mechanism of the attack on the Poly Network.

The expert explained the mechanism of large-scale hacking of Poly Network for $ 611 million

Subsequently, the attacker admitted that he was hacking for fun, and chose Poly Network because hacking cross-chain protocols is “hot”.