Hackers attacked the crowdfunding platform DAO Maker. According to PeckShield analysts, unknown persons withdrew more than $7 million in USD Coin (USDC) stablecoins from the platform.

The attackers withdrew the deposits of some DAO Maker users to the USDC and converted them into Ethereum. This data is confirmed by the Etherscan observer, according to which there are more than 2261 ETH (~$7 million at the exchange rate at the time of writing) on the address allegedly belonging to hackers.

According to journalist Colin Wu, the incident affected 9,000-10,000 accounts.

Stablecoins could be converted into ETH in order to prevent the USDC issuer — the Centre consortium — from freezing assets.

In the DAO Maker Telegram channel, the project administration reported that it was aware of “problems with deposits.” Users were assured that the incident affected only the depository smart contract – DAO tokens and assets in the stake are safe.

During the day, users repeatedly reported missing deposits. The representative of the project, Paul Ujah, asked to refrain from speculating on the hacking of the depository contract. The administration of the channel has disabled the ability to leave messages in it.