Hackers withdrew $611 million from the Poly Network firewall protocol

On August 10, unknown persons hacked the Poly Network inter-network protocol and stole $611 million in various cryptocurrencies. The project team called on the exchanges to block the stolen funds. “We regret to inform you that the Poly Network has been attacked on the Ethereum, […]


The hacker who stole $611 million from Poly Network has started a refund

On August 11, an unknown attacker who hacked the Chinese Poly Network firewall protocol the day before announced his intention to return $611 million stolen as a result of the attack. This is reported by CoinDesk. The hacker embedded the statement in an Ethereum transaction, […]


The expert explained the mechanism of large-scale hacking of Poly Network for $ 611 millio

  Developer Kelvin Fichter analyzed in detail the mechanism of the attack on the Poly Network inter-network protocol, as a result of which the hacker withdrew $ 611 million in various cryptocurrencies. According to him, in order to move assets between blockchains, Poly Network requests […]

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Poly Network hacker returned all Assets stolen from Polygon and Binance Smart Chain Networks

The organizer of the attack on the Chinese Poly Network firewall protocol reimbursed all $85 million stolen from the Polygon network. Previously, he had already returned all $253 million from the Binance Smart Chain. Later, the hacker began transferring funds from the Ethereum blockchain. The […]


Unknown persons have withdrawn more than $7 million in USD Coin from the DAO Maker platform

Hackers attacked the crowdfunding platform DAO Maker. According to PeckShield analysts, unknown persons withdrew more than $7 million in USD Coin (USDC) stablecoins from the platform. The attackers withdrew the deposits of some DAO Maker users to the USDC and converted them into Ethereum. This […]

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